THE FAMOUS COMEDY OF

                        Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

                               translation by

The First Day

                Enter Rinaldo and Malagigi.

 Rinaldo           Without doubt being poor is the cause of this;
                Well, by God!, these hands can
                at any time, hold their own against all the rest
                with barbarians, Frenchmen, and pagans.
                To me, Roland, should this be done to me?                 5
                It raises you to the sovereign skies,
                the banner that you have from the Church.
                Either detest, or disbelief...
 Malagigi                                      Oh, brother!
 Rinaldo                                                    Oh, curses...!
 Malagigi          Look that those words don't sound right.
 Rinaldo        They never surpass the limit of my intention.            10
 Malagigi       Then, why do you prepare to pronounce them?
 Rinaldo        I seethe with anger and die of spite!
 Malagigi       You put me in confusion.
 Rinaldo                                 And you put me...
                Leave me! My heart is bursting with rage!
 Malagigi       By God!, you should tell me in this instant              15
                with whom you are angry.
 Rinaldo                                 With the lord of Brittany.
                   With that bastard, misbegotten,
                arrogant, blabbermouth, fickle,
                more dressed with pomp than with honor.
 Malagigi       Won't you tell me, Rinaldo, what he did to you?          20
 Rinaldo        To what contempt have I come,
                that a mongrel would dare cross me like this?
                Well, I swear to God, even if it costs Rome,
                that I'll kill him, fry him, and eat him!
                   He was on a palace balcony,                           25
                and with that Ganelon close by his side;
                I came through the courtyard, very slowly,
                on the same floor accompanying me;
                the two saw my slow gypsy servant
                and my head not adorned with pearls;                     30
                they took to laughing, and to my belief,
                the laughter was on seeing my poor array.
                   I climbed the stairs as if with wings,
                full of rage and empty of fear;
                I didn't find them where I had seen, and I wanted        35
                to execute on myself, my fury and determination.
                They entered inside there, and, if it weren't for
                that because I owe respect to my lord,
                in his presence I would tear out his soul,
                small recompense for such injury and little achievement. 40
                   Of that traitor Ganelon I take
                no account, who is cowardly and stupid;
                of Roland, I do, and it destroys me with rage,
                since he knows me, and doesn't value me.
                But, presently they will both get the payback,           45
                paying with their lives for my scorn,
                even though I'll hinder...
 Malagigi                                  Don't you see that this is nonsense?
 Rinaldo        With those words, you aggravate me even more.
 Malagigi          Roland is this one, see here he comes,
                and with that Ganelon.
 Rinaldo                               Get yourself to somewhere,        50
                I want to see what this despicable one is worth,
                who is taken by the world for a Mars.

                Enter Roland and Ganelon.

                Now, mocker, won't you regret
                staying in Charles' abode,
                nor forge enough treacheries and lies against you        55
                to make my rage calm again!
 Ganelon           I'll go back, because this is an insult
                and saying and doing make a point.


 Rinaldo        Have a good laugh at my appearance
                both of you, I swear!
 Roland                               I suspect that he is crazy!        60
 Rinaldo        Where is that coward?
 Malagigi                             He has already left.
 Rinaldo        He was afraid of being left dead
                if a blow from my mouth reached him.
 Roland         Your arrogance provokes me to laughter!
                   Who are you angry with, Rinaldo?
 Rinaldo                                        Me? With you.            65
 Roland         Me? Well, why?
 Rinaldo                       You already know.
 Roland         I know nothing more than that I have always been your friend,
                since you hold the keys to my affection.
 Rinaldo        Your laughter has been good testament to that;
                there is no need to boast so without reason.             70
                Tell me: Can, by chance, poverty
                take away that which is given to us by nature?
                   If I wore my hands adorned
                with rings of gold and I wore
                with pomp, in a manner of real decorum,                  75
                my person fixed up; everywhere
                I would yield with this to a strong Moor
                or a gallant Spaniard, what would we expect?
                No; costly attire does not give
                strength to the arms and to bold hearts.                 80
                   My person unclothed, and this sword,
                and this indomitable heart you know,
                people make way wherever they enter,
                like sharp sickles in the dry grain.
                My strength, recognized and esteemed,                    85
                is giving voice throughout the globe,
                telling who I am; and like this, your mockery
                against all reason mocks me.
                   And, so you can see that I found myself in reason,
                put your hand to the sword and make the test:            90
                you will see that I am second to you in nothing,
                and neither is the testing a new thing to me.
                What are you laughing anew for, despite the world?
 Roland         What wicked fury, cousin, possesses you
                to break our peace, or what laughter                     95
                misguides your guidance that way?
 Malagigi          He says that you made fun of him when
                he entered through the palace courtyard,
                seeing his little splendor and solitude,
                and his gypsy servant, because of age, slow.            100
                He thought about it, and, contemplating his poverty
                and believing the laughter, in a short while
                climbed the stairs; and, if he had found you there,
                would have turned your laughter to tears.
 Roland            He would have done wrong, because I swear by God     105
                that such a thing did not cross my mind;
                and of this he can be certain and sure,
                since I say it and moreover with an oath.
                On the pillar of the Church, on the strong wall,
                on the protection of France and on the courage          110
                of valiant hearts, who would dare,
                but that his life depended on it?
                   This apology suffices, oh beloved cousin!,
                to temper your extraordinary fury;
                it is not the custom of my honorable heart              115
                to do such injury to anyone.
                And moreover, to you, who have singly won
                more gold that might have and has Liguria,
                if it is that honor is worth more than the gold
                that in Tibar covers the badly dressed Moor.            120
                   Give me that hand, oh, cousin!, because, in one
                you are two that I imagine without equal,
                I don't feel that there is anyone valorous enough
                that from your door would arrive at the threshold.

                Ganelon returns with the emperor Charlemagne.

 Emperor        Thus began to speak the pesterer,                       125
                and discovered in that manner signs of a fight,
                that quick from an unruly tongue
                might pass the anger to the sword?
 Ganelon           Do not make peace between them, because it is prudent,
                and in matters of state, this is advised,               130
                to have at blows two people at odds,
                who are ministers of your life and death;
                that, there being great competition between two
                and between two counsellors, in such a way
                the one and the other is afraid of the opposite,        135
                that it is strength which virtuously both sides exert
                   for fear of the true gossip
                that that one could tell you about this one;
                and do not scorn my reasonings,
                if you do not want it to cost you dearly.               140
 Emperor        They are not in such a fight as you said.
                Say: is Roland not that one? Rinaldo, this one?
                They are at peace, and holding hands.
 Ganelon        Sirs, have you not seen Charlemagne?
 Roland            Oh, great emperor!
 Emperor                              Oh, beloved cousins!              145
                Have you been having some angry matter?
 Roland         Without godparents the two of us have reconciled
                when we have gone off the path of friendship.
                Many times I confess that we quarreled,
                but never for real.
 Ganelon                            To speak challenges                 150
                Rinaldo and without anger, would not have made
                our Emperor come here;
                   I brought him imagining, truly,
                that the two of you were already in a great battle.
 Malagigi       You hoped that one was dead,                            155
                or even both, this intention is found in you.
 Emperor        Your fear has proved false in everything.
                What pleases me, is that the armor
                and the swords of these two barons
                require more honorable occasions.                       160
 Roland            Rinaldo, don't dislike
                Ganelon, who in truth is our friend.
 Malagigi       Thus you see I put ashes,
                or of the kind that I say in my mind!
                This is the breath that pokes that fire                 165
                and starts it, for whom is always an enemy
                our good king of our good lineage.
 Rinaldo        How out of breath comes that page!
 Page              Sir, if you want to see an adventure
                the like of which has been seen in one's life,          170
                put yourself in that corridor: I assure you
                that it is a lovely and elegant affair.
 Rinaldo        The page has been witty!
 Page                                    I swear
                on the life of my father. Ahead of her
                a goddess from heaven has two savages                   175
                who serve as knights and pages;
                   one who could be your great-grandmother
                comes behind atop a mule.
                I say it is a thing to admire. But she
                appears cold: see if she comes well arrayed.            180
 Malagigi       If it comes with half a caution,
                such a great novelty?
 Emperor                              It will cost you little
                to find out if you take your book in hand.
 Malagigi       I have it here, and finding out is simple.

                Malagigi goes off to one side of the stage, takes out a
                little book, reads from it, and soon the figure of a demon
                comes out from a recess in the stage and comes to
                Malagigi's side; and from the patio should begin to enter
                Angelica the beauty, on a palfrey, concealed and the most
                richly dressed that is possible; two savages have the
                reigns, dressed with ivy or with hemp dyed green; behind
                comes a woman on a mule with a horse blanket: before her
                she has a rich coffer and a lap dog; upon making a circle
                of the courtyard, she is halted by the savages, and goes
                where the emperor is, who, seeing how she comes, says:

 Emperor           I say that she has a gallant demeanor                185
                and gallant is her dress and rare,
                and if beauty reaches courage,
                then it passes from the human to the divine.
 Malagigi       This is a venture? It's bad luck.
 Emperor        What are you saying, Malagigi?
 Malagigi                                      I have yet to determine  190
                quite what it is.
 Emperor                          Well, pay more attention.
 Malagigi       I am still trying to complete your command.
 Emperor           Go out to the stair and receive her,
                and bring the lady into my presence.
 Rinaldo        Certainly this is a strange miracle.                    195
 Malagigi       Certainly my science will not err here.
 Emperor        What is that, Malagigi?
 Malagigi                               You would give
                pleased ears to hear her, but don't believe her;
                this lady that you see... I still don't know the rest;
                listen to her, I shall learn presently.                 200

                Angelica enters the stage with the savages and the Lady,
                accompanied by Rinaldo, Roland and Ganelon; Angelica comes

 Angelica          Prosper to the high heavens,
                powerful sir, your royal estate,
                and be on earth
                for one and another century prolonged
                of such rare fortune,                                   205
                that you shall be secure from changeable time.
                   Although your presence
                has me assured of a certain courtesy,
                I would not dare without permission
                tell you, oh great sir!, a message,                     210
                that increases fame,
                that to such glory and honor calls you.
 Emperor           Say what pleases you.
 Angelica       Your consent made correct my thoughts.
                Lend to what I say,                                     215
                sacred emperor, attentive ear,
                and lend me those
                to which your collars showed the ruff.
                   I am the only heir
                of the great king Galafron, whose wide empire           220
                from this sea the shore,
                not even almost half the hemisphere,
                describes its limits;
                that lives in other seas and other skies.
                   Similar to his greatness                             225
                his knowledge, in which he had news
                to be my bad fortune,
                if just as royal estate covets,
                I surrender myself to a man
                that in blood and greatness equals me.                  230
                   He found out for certain and plainly
                that the one who wins in single battle
                against my little brother
                who wears honorable, though early armor,
                this one, certainly, would be                           235
                good for his kingdom and my fortune.
                   Through diverse provinces
                I have come with him, where I have had
                now favorable, now unfavorable
                fortunes, and finally I have led myself                 240
                to this kingdom of France,
                where I certainly have my gain.
                   In the shady forests of Ardennes
                my brother stays, there awaiting
                whoever, now for greedy                                 245
                rewards, or desiring this beauty,

                Uncovers herself.

                tries his strong arm;
                and it is what I have to say what must be done.
                   Whoever is unhorsed
                by the hit of the lance, should be prisoner,            250
                because it is forbidden
                to put a hand to the sword; and it is express
                from the king this mandate,
                or, better to say, agreed and made pact.
                   And if my brother touches the ground,                255
                whoever defeats him will be left
                raised to my status,
                be he a noble, or whoever,
                and not by any other way.
 Malagigi       How well she relates the lie!                           260
 Angelica          Come on, then, knights!
                whoever craves kingdoms and refinement,
                lend your steel,
                they sell at little price this beauty
                that you see, come swiftly.                             265
 Roland         By God, how enchanting!
 Rinaldo                                Amazing, hail heaven!
 Angelica          I have already told you my intent.
                It suits me to return now.

                It becomes dark.

 Emperor        Stay a moment,
                if you can cope with my command or request              270
                so that you are pleased
                according to your well-known greatness.
 Angelica          You ask the impossible of me;
                give me leave and say no more.
 Emperor                                       Then I see
                that you measure yourself to your pleasure,             275
                happily I let you go, and accept
                my desire to serve you.
 Malagigi       The same deceit lives in this liar!

                Angelica and her company leaves.

 Rinaldo           Why are you following her,
 Roland                 Your demands are useless.                       280
 Rinaldo        Only I should go with her.
 Roland         How impertinent and arrogant you're being!
 Rinaldo        Stop, don't follow her!
 Roland         Rinaldo, that's enough; don't pursue me.
 Malagigi          Stop them, don't let them;                           285
                have, sir, that witch arrested.
 Rinaldo        If you don't leave from here,
                I'll pay you justly for your intention.
 Emperor        What shamelessness is this?
 Malagigi       Command that that liar be arrested,                     290
                   who will be, from what I see,
                the ruin of France in certain manner.
 Roland         I'll complete my desire
                to your grief, and even to the whole world.
 Rinaldo        Go, then, and beware.                                   295
 Emperor        Finish, Malagigi, with your declaration.
 Malagigi          This one you have seen is the daughter
                of Galafron, which she said; but her intent,
                that is tempered by heaven,
                is different from her fanciful story,                   300
                because her father commands
                to have your Twelve Peers in chains;
                   and, if they are taken, plans
                to take over your kingdom and conquer you;
                and he plans this offense                               305
                by sending his son and adorning him
                with a beautiful lance,
                with which he reaches victory over all.
                   The lance is enchanted,
                and has such virtue that, whoever it touches,           310
                it unseats, and it is golden;
                that is why that despicable and crazy woman asks
                that they not try the sword
                who dare the undertaking with valor.
                   As a lure she uses                                   315
                that incomparable beauty,
                which prepares the heart
                of even the most cowardly creature
                for the attempt,
                where, even if he loses, he never repents.              320
                   Your Twelve Peers will be
                prisoners if you do not prevent it, my lord,
                and many thousands of others
                of yours who have strength and determination
                for better things.                                      325
 Emperor        The things you have said are very frightening;
                   but I don't know how to remedy them,
                and it is because I don't believe them. It is left to you
                to believe them and prevent them.
 Malagigi       I will do as much as my ingenuity and science can.      330
 Ganelon        They aren't very sincere,
                to tell you the truth, your counsellors.

                Exit the Emperor and Ganelon.

 Malagigi          My brother is angry
                with Roland; I want to prevent his harm.
                Into a labyrinth I have entered                         335
                which I may scarcely escape. Oh blind deceit,
                oh powerful force
                of woman which is, on top of false, beautiful.

                Exit Malagigi, and enter Bernard of Carpio, armed, and
                bringing his helmet a Basque, his squire, with boots and
                padding and his sword.

 Bernard           Here, away from the road,
                I can rest a bit.                                       340
 Basque         Wise sir, you're crazy,
                you turn sense to nonsense.
                   A Basque as a squire
                you take with you, he advises you
                not to walk in such a hurry,                            345
                take the pace of a muleteer.
                   Land you seek, land you leave,
                it seems so much a deed,
                well, entering a strange land,
                by God, you leave your own proper.                      350
                   Although there is much to do in Spain;
                you have Moors on the frontiers,
                drums, horns, flags
                are there; you see.
 Bernard           Have I not yet told you the intent                   355
                that has brought me to this land?
 Basque         Curiously much daring
                never enjoys thought.
                   You might, you might,
                leave such a bad deed;                                  360
                to those that war and Spain
 Bernard              I understand you now, Blas.
 Basque         It is good that you know of me
                that I give good counsel;
                that, by Juan Gaicoa, I'm                               365
                Basque; a mule, no.
                   Sir, look, if you want to see 
                the power of France,
                this road is not
                right; you can go back.                                 370
 Bernard           They say that these forests are
                where are found continuously,
                through whichever path or road,
                admirable adventures,
                   and that in the middle or the end,                   375
                or at the beginning, or I don't know where,
                in some forest is hidden
                the great tomb of Merlin,
                   that great enchanter
                whose father was the demon.                             380
 Basque         The testimony is false,
                and it is concocted, sir.
 Bernard           We should search and find,
                if we go a thousand times around
                these forests.
 Basque                        Time flies;                              385
                sleep, or keep traveling.
 Bernard           Go back, and see if Ferrau
                is coming, who stayed behind,
                and tell him where I am.
 Basque         Always a bloody squire.                                 390
 Bernard           Difficult and detestable war,
                only for this are you good:
                you make feathers of sand,
                and soft bed of earth.
                   You offer, wherever you are,                         395
                wide and spacious beds,
                if there are not wide plains
                where the path leads.
                   You are a true cradle
                that, in worries and anger,                             400
                offers always to the eyes
                gentle, though necessary sleep.
                   You are of your nature,
                according to the experience,
                mother of diligence,                                    405
                stepmother of idleness.
                   Come here you, highest,
                rich and incomparable piece,
                and, since you are of the head,
                serve me as head of the bed,                            410
                   now dreams headlong
                are occupying my senses.
                Well they say that those who sleep
                are the image of death!

                Bernard goes to sleep next to the tomb of Merlin, which
                should be stained marble, that can be opened or closed, and
                at this instant appears in front of the mountain the young
                man Argalia, brother of Angelica the beauty, armed with a
                gold lance.

 Argalia           Much land is discovered                              415
                in front of this mountain:
                from this part is an open field,
                from this other one the forest obscures it;
                   there the path whitens it,
                and goes straight to Paris.                             420
                May my sister have done
                the grand thing she desires!
                   But, if perhaps my sight doesn't lie,
                that is, without doubt,
                she who bends and changes the road,                     425
                and guides the way towards here.
                   She sends the palfreys
                through the real path.
                In how much she does, she does no wrong;
                it is courtesy to receive her.                          430

                Exit Argalia and enter Angelica with two savages and the

 Angelica          Certainly this is the path,
                or I don't find correctly the signs,
                and around these boulders
                without doubt is our tent.
 Lady              When, madam, will we see                             435
                the end of our travels?
                When from this insanity
                will we leave to our right mind?
                   When will I see myself, woe is me!,
                with my pillow, seated                                  440
                in the drawing room and rested,
                as I saw myself at one time?
                   When will I stop walking,
                when the sun rises or sets,
                from this forest on that mountain,                      445
                from one place to another?
                   When from my bottles
                will I see the white make-ups,
                the ointments, the oils,
                the tan pills?                                          450
                   When will I give myself a good period
                of rest and without suspicion?
                My face looks like
                the bottom of a shoe.
                   The crude air of France                              455
                has me in this manner.
 Angelica       Be quiet, everything will come out right.
 Lady           I wouldn't want to be in your shoes;
                   since I saw the courage
                of those two paladins,                                  460
                of your travels and ends
                I cannot expect a happy ending.
 Angelica          You haven't figured out the truth;
                quiet, my brother comes.

                Enter Argalia.

 Argalia        Oh rich archive, where your                             465
                treasures have beauty!
                   How are you, and in what manner
                have you come out with your intention?
 Angelica       It measured up to my thinking,
                the plan almost in everything.                          470
                   Let's go to the pavilion,
                there, leisurely and sitting,
                I will tell you of my errand
                the beginning and the end.
 Argalia           Well you say, sister; come,                          475
                it is very close to here.
 Lady           The poor thing is doing like me,
                I know that she is not doing well;
                   my insides knot in
                a great pain, truly.                                    480
                All of this is numb
                from riding on horseback.

                Exit everyone, except Bernard, who is still asleep; he
                dreams of sad music from flutes; Bernard wakes up, opens
                the tomb, a dead figure appears, and says:

 Spirit            Valiant Spaniard, whose lofty intention
                takes you from your country and your friends,
                turn your thought to your beloved father,               485
                which a large prison and darkness encloses.
                To such a deed it is great reason to be attentive,
                and not in seeking useless war
                through such remote parts and unnecessary,
                where sayings are misfortunes.                          490
                   The time will come that from valiant France,
                to the margin of the Pyrenees mountains,
                you will lower the haughty and noble forehead
                and gain most honorable trophies.
                The current continues from your venture,                495
                that equals the grand valor of your desires;
                you will see how your fortune will increase
                before the crescent phase of the moon.
                   Because of you your country will see itself in peace,
                free from another's hand and dominion;                  500
                you will be water to the burning fire
                which burns in the heart that of chastity is cold.
                Leave these forests, where you travel blindly,
                taken by a curious delirium.
                Return, return, Bernard, to where                       505
                an immortal renown and bright fame call you.
                   The enchanted spirit of Merlin
                I am, here I lie in this dark forest,
                guarded from the heavens for good and bad,
                though for my faults it is always averted;              510
                and I will not be taken from this place
                to the black region where pain lasts,
                until these wild forests are crossed
                by many Christian banners.
                   A thousand things are left to tell you,              515
                that I will tell you another time, because now it is important
                to conceal yourself behind these branches,
                where your stay will be brief and short.
                Two, each of whom in himself is a Mars,
                you will put at peace, or show how cuts                 520
                your sword. And, without speaking, do what I say,
                and understand that I am and will be your friend.

                The tomb closes, exit Bernardo without saying a word, and
                soon enters Rinaldo.

 Rinaldo           In vain I move my feet
                then, in these so many flowers
                there aren't any signs of the plants                    525
                that I take as guide and north.
                   If they had stepped here,
                it would be clear that this ground
                would be a copy of the sky,
                painted of various lights.                              530
                   Which flower would touch the beautiful
                plant, to me so sweet and dear,
                that soon would not turn,
                either now into a sun, or into a clear star?
                   Far am I from the path,                              535
                where is my heavenly guide,
                since this ground does not transmit,
                either clear light, or divine odor.
                   I will have no more sloth
                in seeking this beautiful sun,                          540
                since they should guide me on seeing
                now your light, now your beauty.
                   But, what is this, sleep
                harasses and clutches at me like this?
                Oh free strength, subject                               545
                by force to such a despicable master!
                   Here I should lay me down,
                at the foot of this rigid cliff,
                making the image of a corpse,
                except for breathing.                                   550

                Rinaldo goes to sleep, putting his sword as his headboard,
                and soon enters Roland clasping his own sword.

 Roland            So many trips without profit!
                Where, oh sun!, did you set
                after you left your light
                in the better of my heart?
                   Reveal yourself, beautiful sun,                      555
                I am searching for your light
                through plain and through peak,
                discouraged and anguished.
                   Oh Angelica, divine light
                of my human blindness,                                  560
                north star your brightness
                be my guide anew!
                   When will my eyes see you,
                or when, if I should not see you,
                will come frightening death                             565
                to triumph of my spoils?
                   But, who is this layabout
                that sleeps with such sluggishness?
                There isn't anyone who doesn't rest
                except for the wretched Roland.                         570
                   What is this? Rinaldo is
                the one who lies here asleep.
                Oh cousin, born into the world
                as shackles for my feet,
                   as handcuffs for my hands,                           575
                as inferno for my glories,
                as opposite for my victories,
                to make my triumphs in vain,
                   to bitter my pleasure!
                But I'll make you not be:                               580
                without the world or even you seeing
                that I pass the limit of justice,
                   I want to take your life.
                But, oh, Roland! What is this?
                Thus you fling yourself so quickly                      585
                to be a traitor and murderer?
                   What are you telling me, bad judgement?
                You tell me that he is my rival,
                and that in his harm consists
                all the cure of my torment?                             590
                   You do say; but I know, in the end,
                that he who is well enamored
                has a more honorable heart
                than of treachery and of ruin.
                   I was Roland without love,                           595
                and I will be Roland with it,
                at all times faithful,
                since I seek honor in everything.
                   Sleep, then, cousin, in season;
                my sword protecting you;                                600
                that, although love could conquer me,
                treachery will not.
                   I want to take yours,
                because you advise, if you awaken,
                that friendships that are true                          605
                no one can upset.

                Roland lies next to Rinaldo and puts as his headboard
                Rinaldo's sword, and soon Rinaldo wakes up.

 Rinaldo           Angelica! Oh strange vision!
                Isn't this Roland that I see,
                and the one that of the object of my desire
                seeks to make the conquest?                             610
                   He is; but, who put
                his sword for my protection?
                Your excellent courtesy, oh cousin!,
                without doubt brought this about.
                   Easily you could kill me,                            615
                since you found me sleeping,
                to remove that contrast
                that you should find in my life;
                   however your courtesy
                is stronger than love in your heart,                    620
                in the custom that you have made
                of performing acts of nobility.
                   But, if it was for contempt
                leaving me with my life?
                No, because it is known                                 625
                that I am a man of worth;
                   and you yourself have proved it
                one and another time and a hundred.
                I can't figure out which thought
                is more correct:                                        630
                   if he leaves me for arrogance,
                or if it was for friendship;
                perhaps disloyalty
                lives in the jealous lover.
                   Oh! If he left me                                    635
                alone in my ambition,
                with heart and soul,
                by God!, I adore him;
                   but if not, don't imagine,
                cousin, that for your goodness                          640
                I would leave my will
                to follow your sweet ends.
                   And for this intention of mine
                you should not blame me,
                because love and power                                  645
                never admit company.
                   Safely at my side
                you could lie yourself down to sleep,
                since a man that is enchanted
                can't be harmed;                                        650
                   and thus, you removed the occasion
                that your dream offered me,
                to use the courtesy
                that you used with me.
                   But, awaken, we will see                             655
                where your intention is inclined;
                and if where I travel,
                will get in the way of your exertions.
                   Kinship would be tossed out,
                courtesy to some part,                                  660
                if Mars himself came down
                to hinder him from his heaven.
                   Oh Roland! Roland, wake up!,
                it is great carelessness which you have,
                and more if, by chance, you come                        665
                where my suspicion guesses.
                   Take your sword, and return
                mine. Wake up now!
 [Roland]       [Dreaming.] Oh Angelica, lady
                of my life and my will!                                 670
                   Where do you hide your face
                that encloses all my good?
 Rinaldo        Your war is declared,
                and our peace lost.
                   Roland, stop, wake up;                               675
                we'll destroy the swords!
 [Roland]       [Dreaming.] With what sweets, into blind knots
                have you tied my throat;
                   I want to say my affection,
                and the soul that I have surrendered to you!            680
 Rinaldo        If you don't wake up, I swear
                this steel will wake you,
                   and even kill you, since you kill me,
                now you sleep, now you wake!
                These cruel intentions                                  685
                are born of ungrateful hearts.
                   I am at the point leaving being
                who I am. Come immediately,
                respects, my correct
                behavior is late!                                       690
                   Yearnings consume me,
                suspicions tire me,
                fears finish me,
                jealousies pervert me!

                Roland awakens.

 Roland            Rinaldo, what are trying to do?                      695
 Rinaldo        Destroy myself, or destroy you!
 Roland         You want, cousin, to kill me?
 Rinaldo        Your life is in my desire.
 Roland            How in my desire?
 Rinaldo                             I'll say it:
                no more than in wanting to tell me                      700
                if you come to pursue me
                in the search for my heaven;
                   if you come to look for
                Angelica. Don't understand me?
 Roland         Of knowing what you want...?                            705
 Rinaldo        Finish, or be finished!
 Roland            Does living embarrass you so,
                that you follow your death?
 Rinaldo        False prophet, you foretell
                the ill that threatens you thus.                        710
 Roland            With you courtesies
                have always been useless.
 Rinaldo        Give me my sword, and you'll see
                how you always talk nonsense.
                   If you do not return to Paris,                       715
                you'll see also simultaneously
                your offense and your punishment together.
 Roland         How easily you resolve yourself!
                   Neither should I go to Paris,
                nor should I leave Angelica.                            720
                Consider what you want.
 Rinaldo                                To cut
                your insolent behavior.
                   Destroy you in my arms,
                even though you are enchanted!
 Roland         You are a complete villain,                             725
                and you want to wrestle hand to hand!
 Rinaldo           You lie! And come with the sword,
                that, even if you are made of diamond,
                you'll see, arrogant criminal,
                my true proof!                                          730

                They go to wound each other with their swords; from a
                recess in the stage come out flames of fire that do not let
                them reach.

 Roland            I'm certain that he is around here,
                afraid of your death,
                but it won't avail you,
                your doing Malagigi;
                   I would cross on the ferry                           735
                of the Acheron to punish you.
 Rinaldo        I would put to reach you
                a mountain on top of another mountain;
                    I would throw myself into the flames,
                as you see I do here.                                   740
 Roland         He does not leave of giving you your pay
                your brother.
 Rinaldo                      Then curse him!

                Says the spirit of Merlin:

 Spirit            Strong Bernard, come out,
                and put the two at peace.

                Bernard comes out.

 Bernard        Knights, quarrel no more!                               745
                Strong warriors, out!
 Rinaldo           Did the sky rain you here?
                What do you want, or what are you commanding?
 Bernard        My demands are so just,
                that they should be obeyed.                             750
                   And leave the hazardous
                fight of such elusive peril.
 Rinaldo        You have made a very good argument,
                and the demand is elegant.
                   Are you a Spaniard, by chance?                       755
 Bernard        By chance, I am a Spaniard.
 Rinaldo        Leave, because only the sun
                should witness our misfortune;
                   we don't want witnesses
                other than the sun in our fight.                        760
 Bernard        I should not leave without that you extend
                the right hand of good friends.
 Roland            You'll be sorry!
 Bernard                            More sorry
                Will both of you be, if you notice.
 Rinaldo        Spaniard, why don't you leave?                          765
 Bernard        By courtesies or requests,
                   your quarrel, for now,
                should not go forth.
 Roland         I am the lord of Brittany.
 Rinaldo        I, Rinaldo.
 Bernard                    It is an opportune time;                    770
                   I compel whoever you are
                to concede with my request.
 Roland         I do not deny that reason.
 Rinaldo        This Spaniard annoys me;
                   that nation was always                               775
                arrogant and stubborn.
 Roland         Sir, since it doesn't concern you,
                don't hinder our quarrel;
                   leave us to complete to the end
                our desire, that is just.                               780
 Bernard        That would be my liking,
                for it to be this way is Merlin's.
 Roland            Oh body of St. Dionysus,
                with the Spanish pig!
 Bernard        You lie, infamous villain!                              785
 Rinaldo        Your denial fell flat.
                   Out, Roland, no more!
 Roland         Leave, I burn in rage!
                What is this? Who makes me retreat?
                Roland's foot moves back?                               790
                   Roland moves his foot back? What is this?
                I neither flee, nor retreat!
 Rinaldo        This shot is from Merlin.
 Bernard        Then I will make you flee quickly.

                Roland retreats back, and climbs the mountain as if by an
                unseen force.

 Rinaldo           Indeed, into kind hands                              795
                your fortune has brought you!
 Bernard        Hands, I don't see any;
                feet, yes, swift and sound,
                   and it is important to have them
                to flee from my presence.                               800
 Rinaldo        Without equal is your insolence!

                Bernard climbs a boulder above, following Roland, and is
                going behind Rinaldo. Enter Marfisa, richly armed; she has
                as her seal a phoenix bird and a white eagle painted on her
                shield, and, seeing the three climb the mountain, with
                their swords unsheathed and just disappearing out of sight,

 Marfisa        If they over there fight?
                   If they do, I want to
                make peace between them, if possible.
                Oh, what a terrible mountain!                           805
                I can't expect to climb it,
                nor go by horse,
                though it try again;
                but, nevertheless, I ought to try
                the job of climbing.                                    810
                   My horse should be fine in the thicket
                until I return;
                there is never lacking in this forest
                either good or bad adventure.

                Marfisa climbs the mountain, and on to the stage come out
                again, arguing, Roland, Bernard and Rinaldo.

 Roland            I don't know how it is                               815
                that against you I haven't any fury,
                nor can I in such a fight
                move my sword. This thing is strange!
 Bernard        The reason that helps me
                puts your strength and your courage in doubt.           820
 Rinaldo           This doing is from Merlin,
                there is no reason that avails with his enchantment;
                that, even though his heart were
                lion in fury and stone in hardness,
                if there were no sorcerers,                             825
                never would my cousin turn backward.

                Enter Angelica, crying, and with her the Basque, Bernardo's

 Basque            By God, he tossed you in the river!
                You have Granada, brave Ferrau!
 Angelica       Oh, my poor brother!
 Roland         Why does that sky give tribute to the ground            830
                of such beautiful tears,
                if the same sky is owed them?
 Angelica          A Spaniard has murdered
                my beloved brother; and he is a Moor
                who did not honor the agreement                         835
                owed to the military and his decorum,
                and he flung him in a river.
 Roland         Who is the Moor?
 Bernard                         He is a friend of mine.
 Roland            Friend of yours? Oh dog,
                you will take of your misdeed the punishment!           840
 Rinaldo        Roland, don't make such an error;
                leave the punishment to me.
 Angelica                                   Here is ordered
                my death, and more misfortune
                if of the two one catches me, by chance.
                   To this dark forest                                  845
                I want to surrender already my swift feet,
                my custody and my happiness.
 Bernard        Why, Rinaldo, say, don't you advance
                to wound me with your cousin?
                For honor, I esteem life little.                        850

                Enter Marfisa, making peace and putting hand to the sword;
                exit Angelica fleeing.

 Marfisa           What is this? Out, out;
                out, knights!, begs you one
                who can command it;
                that, if my light doesn't impede your vision,
                seeing this emblem,                                     855
                you will see that I am the one without equal Marfisa.
 Basque            Damn, the maiden,
                she's gone.
 Roland                     Oh extraordinary misfortune!;
                I should necessarily go after her.
 Rinaldo        I yes; you no.
 Roland                        Notable is your lunacy!                  860
 Rinaldo        Don't move your foot from here.
 Roland         I don't pay attention to your lunacies.
 Rinaldo           By God, if you move,
                I'll tear you to pieces instantly!
 Roland         You dare to get in my way,                              865
                braggart, beggar and arrogant?
                How are you so calm?
                This coward does not fear me!

                Exit Roland.

 Basque            Sir, let it go;
                since not by there, but by the path                     870
                they stay, on the beach
                they put the lady.
 Marfisa                           Because of what was the fight?
 Bernard        I know that it was because of jealousy.
                Tell me: was Ferrau injured?
 Basque            He's fine, hell, and how healthy.                    875
 Bernard        Who did he battle with?
 Basque                                 You haven't heard yet?
                He fought with the brother
                of the fleeing beauty, and poor, and dead, and sad,
                from Moorish anger, having
                resolve, met with everything in the river,              880
                   and stays here awaiting
                at the back of the mountain.
 Marfisa        I'll accompany you,
                I want to know more about your deed;
                I find signs in you                                     885
                that show that you are more than what you seem.
                   And note that with you
                you have the one without peer the only Marfisa,
                that, in description and witness
                is the only one in the world, whose emblem              890
                is that new bird
                that renews its life in fire.
 [Bernard]         I'll keep you company
                whether you ascend to heaven or descend into the abyss.
 Marfisa        Such great courtesy                                     895
                it cannot seem but to yourself,
                and, making use of this pleasure,
                I should follow yours, that is very just.
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