Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion


Gokurakuin Sakurako

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Teacher- Everyone take your seats. Let me introduce a transfer student.

Kirihara- I'm Kirihara Mana.

Kirihara- Pleased to meet you.

So it's a girl.
... That's unexpected.

Itsuki- What, she's not that cute? 

Teacher- The seat next to Amou is empty, isn't it?

Amou- Yes.

Teacher- Sit there.

Kirihara- Eheh, pleased to meet you.


Kirihara- Ah!

Kirihara- Kyaa!

*bang crash!*

Kirihara- Aaah, I'm sorry.

Itsuki- And unusually natural for nowadays!!


But this sensation,
there's no mistake, she's

Girl- Are you alright?

Kirihara- Yeah, I'm fine! Thanks.

A "Mindbreaker".

Allow me to test that ability,
in my own way.

Kirihara- Amou... -kun? I'm Kirihara, pleased to meet you.

Amou- Yes... I'm Amou Tsukasa, pleased to meet you.

Itsuki- ... Hm? Huh? Come to think of it, Kaname didn't come?
Where did he go. *Is he skipping class?*

It's so hot.
It's so hot.
What in the world is happening to my body...

My back is

Nakaura- What's the matter? Are you not feeling well?

Kusakabe- ......

Kusakabe- It's ...nothing. I'm fine.

Nakaura- But......

Kusakabe- I'm going back to class.

Nakaura- Those signs. Is he...?

Girl- Eh, so you lived here until you were in grade school?

Kirihara- Yeah, until 4th grade.

Girl- Then isn't there someone here you went to school with?

Kirihara- Eheheh, it would be nice if there were.

Itsuki- Kirihara?

Itsuki- Got a minute?

Girl- Itsuki-kun, are you flirting right away?

Itsuki- Right, right, I mean, no.

Kirihara- Itsuki... -kun?

Itsuki- I'm Itsuki Naoya, pleased to meet you.

Itsuki- Sorry, I heard your conversation before. Actually, my friend had a girl he liked a long
time ago who moved away and they were separated.

Itsuki- "Mana" was that girl's name.

Kirihara- Huh...?

Itsuki- The same as you, Kirihara-san, isn't it?

Itsuki- He's in this school... Hey, maybe you can try to go see him now.
He'd be very happy.

That's, that's,
could it be,
...... Kaname-kun!?

Kirihara- Yes...! I'll go.
I want to see him!!

Girl- Wow, it's like a soap opera.

Girl- Hey, hey, Itsuki-kun, that means...

Itsuki- Sorry, go to sleep for just a bit.


Teacher- So, this verb is this word's...


Shiba- ......!?

Everyone's stopped!?

Shiba- What on earth?
What's happening...?

Amou- ... What...?

Amou- ... This, this sensation.
... A barrier. A barrier?

Just now.....

*sharp pain*

Amou- Ah!

I'm scared, I'm scared.
I don't know anything about a barrier.
I don't understand anything!!

Amou- Help me.
Help me... somebody...

Nakaura- A barrier? Someone's trifling with this school.
Is it a friend or an enemy?

Kirihara- The roof? We're meeting him here?

Itsuki- Sorry, that was all a lie.

Kirihara- Huh?


Kirihara- Kya...

Itsuki- Allow me to ascertain your power.

Kirihara- Wha... t? Itsuki-kun...?


I'm rapidly getting hot.
It's like the blood in my body is boiling.
It's just like,

Kusakabe- ... Just like that time...

*shrill hum*

Kusakabe- !?

Kusakabe- Wha... Itsuki...!? Why am I seeing this?
And... another person...? That's...


Kirihara- What.. is this?

Itsuki- You don't know, Kirihara-san? Could it be you don't know your own powers?

Kirihara- ... My...? Powers...?

Itsuki- You're a Mindbreaker, aren't you?

Kirihara- Mind...?
... What? I don't understand.

Itsuki- I'm searching for the one who will be ruler. Who will control all the forces and put an
end to this foolish fighting.

Kirihara- Forces...? Fighting...?

Itsuki- A war continuing from 2,000 years in the past. Have you spent all this time without
knowing you have such powers?

Itsuki- You're lucky.

Psychics with supernatural powers kill each other.
The 4 forces on the earth and ones who descended from the heavens.
It's all a battle outside of history. In the dark, people sleep without knowing that fate is
being played with.

How much blood does the dreaming earth want?

Itsuki- Try to mindbreak me.
If you don't, you die.

Kirihara- Why? I,
I don't know. I don't know about having powers.



Kirihara- Kyaa!

Kirihara- Stop, Itsuki-kun.
You mustn't.

Kusakabe- Stop!!

Kusakabe- Itsuki... you.

Itsuki- ...... Kaname?

Kirihara- Ka... Kaname-kun...?

Kusakabe- Mana.


Mana- I wanted to see you. Kaname-kun.

Strange, I haven't lifted the barrier.
Normal people should have stopped moving.

The only people that can move inside this school now are psychics.

Itsuki- ...... Kaname. You're one too...!!

Kusakabe- ... Mana...

Kirihara- Eheheh, it's been a long time.
I transferred here. I'm happy to see you!

Kirihara- Ever since we were separated the time of that accident, I've wanted to see you...

Kusakabe- I,

Kusakabe- I,
didn't want to see you...!!

Kirihara- Kaname-... kun?

Itsuki- Sorry to interrupt your emotional reunion, you two.


Itsuki- My business isn't finished.

Itsuki- Kaname.


Itsuki- I wanted to be regular friends with you.


Kirihara- Kya!

Itsuki- I'll investigate your true identity at ease later. Be quiet and watch, Kaname.

Kusakabe- Itsuki!! Stop!!

Itsuki- Sto......


Itsuki- Kaname!?

Kirihara- Kaname-kun?

Kusakabe- ... Why are you doing this, Itsuki?

Itsuki- If you get in the way, I'll kill you too.

Kusakabe- Itsuki!!



Kusakabe- *cough*

Kusakabe- Itsu... ki.

Kirihara- Stop!! Stop it.

Kirihara- How cruel. How cruel, Itsuki-kun.

Kirihara- Kaname-kun!!

There's no response from Kirihara.
Damn, did I misjudge her?

Kirihara- Kaname-kun, Kaname-kun!!

So, this is it...

Itsuki- It's the end. I had no luck.

Kirihara- Sto......

Kirihara- Noooo!


Itsuki- Wha....

Itsuki- Kaname!?