Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion


Gokurakuin Sakurako

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Kusakabe- They're here. It's the "enemy".

Itsuki- I'll kill the would-be avengers.

Shiba- Idiot, if you underestimate them, you'll get hurt.

Kusakabe- Let's go.

Don't die.
Be sure to come back,

Kusakabe- Yeah, we won't lose.


This is a battle no one knows about.
The continuing chaos behind earth's history spanning the length of 2,000 years.


Kusakabe- Come on...

And so we face what in astrology is called the age of great change.
The Aquarian Age.


Kusakabe- ... It's that dream again. Why...

*sharp pain*

Kusakabe- ! ......?

*stretching sound*

Kusakabe- ... kuh...


Someone's crying. ... A child?

Yes... that's me.

Me from back then.

Kirihara- ... Kaname-kun...?


Kirihara- Kaname-kun...

Kirihara- ... Unh, just a little longer.


Kirihara- Kyaa!

Kirihara- I overslept, I overslept. *yawn*


Natsumi- *yawn*

Kirihara- I don't want to be late from the first day transferring.

Kirihara- Oh, good morning, Aunt Natsumi.

Natsumi- ... Mana.
Why are you in a hurry so early in the morning...

Natsumi- ... Oh, that's right, school starts today. Sorry... I forgot.

Kirihara- Uh-uh, I'm sorry. I woke you. You worked late, didn't you?

Kirihara- Oh no, look at the time. Well then, I'm going.

Natsumi- Wait, Mana! Are you alright going alone? Do you want me to go with you after all?

Kirihara- No, I'll be fine. I'm a 16 year old high school sophomore!

Kirihara- Well, I'm off!



Natsumi- That little Mana...
It's already been 7 years since the accident... hasn't it?

Natsumi- Time has passed quickly. ... Right, sis?


Natsumi- That girl... Mana,
I wonder just what fate awaits her.

Kirihara- The air of Tokyo brings back memories. Though I enjoyed the 7 years I lived on the
After all, this is where I was born.

My childhood friend I really liked, Kaname-kun.
He saved me that day. But that was the last...

I've come back to this town.
Maybe I'll see him again.




Coach- That's it for morning practice. Everyone come in.

Itsuki- You can really move for so early in the morning.

Itsuki- Here.
Good work.

Kusakabe- Itsuki.


Itsuki- Though of course, you have an expression like you have low blood pressure,
you do.

Itsuki- ?
What? What is it.

Itsuki- Kaname? ... Are you alright?

Kusakabe- I... had a dream.

Itsuki- A dream?

Kusakabe- "Don't die," someone was saying.

The inside of my body became warm like it was reacting to that voice.
Joy and anxiety,
confusion and anger.

The emotions gush out and instinctively I,


Itsuki- And then what?
What was the dream?

Kusakabe- No... it was nothing. I'm just not feeling well today.

Itsuki- ... Hmm?

Kusakabe- ... By the way, Itsuki, why are you here?

Itsuki- Eh, no, um, look, I'm rewarding a friend tired from morning practice.


Kusakabe- ... Come to think of it,

Kusakabe- Homework was given out in Math, as I recall.

Itsuki- Urk!

Kusakabe- You wouldn't simply bring me a snack.

Itsuki- Aah, Kaname-sama! It's due today, please let me copy.

Kusakabe- ... Do it yourself every once in a while.

Itsuki- I can't help it. I'm busy with my part-time job everyday.

Kusakabe- All you think about is your interest in your part-time job.
*Just how many jobs do you have?*

Itsuki- You'll let me copy, right? Right!?

Shiba- Hey, you idiot.

Itsuki- Ugh, that voice...

Itsuki- Shiba-senpai.

Shiba- Are you bothering our serious underclassman?

Itsuki- Oh no, Isshin-senpai. We're such good friends, how could I bother him.

Kusakabe- *You're stifling me.*

Itsuki- *Kya!*

Shiba- It's Iishin, Shiba Iishin. Read it in Chinese. Stop calling me like a monk in a temple

Itsuki- Now, now, senpai. Calm down.

*ding dong dang dong*

Itsuki- Oh, senpai. Look, the first bell.

Kusakabe- Mm.

*ding dong*

Kirihara- Kyaa! The bell's already ringing.

*shrill hum*

Shiba- ......!?

Itsuki- What was that...

Nakaura- Tsukasa.
Tsukasa, are you alright!?

Amou- I'm sorry, I just... got a little dizzy.

This sensation, like my chest is being constricted.
... What in the world is it...

Amou- ... Tomonori-san...?

Kirihara- Um, are you a teacher at this school?

Kirihara- I transferred in to Seika High School today. I'm Kirihara Mana.

Kusakabe- Ma... na?

Itsuki- !? Kaname?


Itsuki- What's the matter? Hey.

Kusakabe- ... Don't touch me.

Kusakabe- Don't... touch me...

...... It's blood.

They're covered in blood,

My hands.

... No.


It's awakening that savage beast.


Itsuki- He... could it be...

Shiba- Hey, you. 

Shiba- You, what on earth?

Itsuki- Did you say something, Shiba-senpai?

Shiba- .........

Itsuki- Well, since the first bell has rung, I'm going back to class.

Shiba- Itsuki... eh?

Itsuki- Phew, that was close, that was close.
I've specially come so far as an ordinary student.


Itsuki- Still... this sensation,
there's no mistake, it's a "Mindbreaker".

Itsuki- In that case, I have to confirm it.
If it's the one I've been waiting for,


Teacher- Everyone take your seats. Let me introduce a transfer student.

Kirihara- I'm Kirihara Mana. Pleased to meet you.