New Petshop of Horrors

Chapter 1 / Domestic

Akino Matsuri

Translation by

Shinjuku Kabukicho

It spoils people's dreams, swells people's desires,

And it is a red-light city that keeps bewitching you with another new dream.

This evening, the doors that can grant your ultimate desire are opening again.

Chapter 1 / Domestic

*bang bang*
*rattle rattle*

Keiji- I've finally found you, Miki.

Miki- Keiji!?

Miki- No.
Stay away.

Miki- Stay away!

Miki- Nooooo!

Miki- *gasp*

*bolting up*

Miki- *panting*

Shingo- *soft snores*

Miki- *sigh*

Miki- Shingo!!

Miki- Good evening.

Woman- My, Maezono-san, you're early today.

Miki- Yeah, I took him to work with me.

Shingo- Good evening.

Woman- Yes, good evening, Shingo.

Woman- Even though you're young, you're doing a great job single-handedly, Miki-san.

Miki- Oh no, I'm just like all the mothers of the kids here, aren't I?

Woman- I guess so.

News- Next is news from Turkey. In the recent earthquake, a mother and child were rescued after
four days under the rubble of a collapsed building. The child was found cradled to his mother's
chest and was miraculously unharmed, but the mother was already dead.

Woman- Wow, that's the "power of a mother's love".

Miki- Yeah.

Woman- Besides, on there other hand, there are mothers who think nothing of abusing their own
What is the world coming to.
Really, I can't believe anyone could kill their own child.

Miki- ... Yeah, really...

Miki- Oh, um, I have to get going.

Woman- Oh, I'm sorry for keeping you. Well, come pick him up at 1AM as usual.

Shingo- Bye-bye.

*rattle rattle*

Miki- !?


Keiji- I've finally found you, Miki.

Miki- Keiji, what are you doing here...!?

Keiji- Didn't I tell you? It's no use no matter where you run.

Keiji- Now come back home.

*stomp stomp*

Miki- No!

Woman- What is this? Who are you!?
I'm calling the police.

Keiji- Shut up!


Woman- Kyaa!

?- Aieee!

*crash bang thud*

?- Waaah!



*looking around*

Just now was a dream!?

Barkeeper- Oh, Miki-chan, napping in a place like this? Did you drink too much?

Miki- ... Mama...

(tr. note- "Mama" is the name for a female barkeeper)

Barkeeper- Are you alright? You work part-time at a convenience store during the day,
don't you?
If you overwork yourself, you'll get sick.

Miki- No, I'm completely fine.

Miki- It's just... lack of sleep recently, or something.
Every night I have nightmares. And I wake up at the same place.

Barkeeper- That's a premonition dream, isn't it?

Miki- No way...!!
Something like that could never happen for real.

Barkeeper- I was joking.
R, right. Why don't you go drinking for some recreation? 
Have some fun at the host club on Okubo street.

Miki- ... Host club...?
I'm kind of not in the mood for that.

Miki- In other words, I feel like I've had it with young men.

Barkeeper- Well, why don't you try going to "Neo Chinatown" that was built in the 2nd district.

Miki- Neo Chinatown?

Barkeeper- Over 50 restaurants and stores specializing in Chinese clothes and Chinese imported
general merchandise all gathered together.
It even has genuine Chinese salons and a stage where you can see classical Chinese opera.
Clothes, food, and fun in a single building. It's like an amusement park with a Chinese feel.

Wow, they made it just like an alley in old Shanghai inside the building.

Miki- Caged things shop? I wonder what this shop sells?

D- Welcome to Count D's petshop.

D- This shop sells every animal from things like dogs and cats,


D- To animals just shy of the Washington Treaty for the enthusiast.


Miki- Count... D, you said?
Who are you?
Japanese, or Chinese?
In other words, male?

D- This is Kabukicho, isn't it?
There are men and women and people who are neither and
Japanese and foreigners and people who don't belong to any country and
it's said to be a city where everyone can live as they please, isn't it?

... Right.
That's right.
... It's a city with everything.

D- Now, what kind of pet do you desire?

Miki- ... Pet?

Miki- Actually, I have a five year old son. Something like a puppy that can be Shingo's playmate...

Miki- Uh-uh, a big dog would be better after all I guess, it can be a bodyguard.

Miki- But a big dog would be impossible in that apartment. And I couldn't even take it on

D- I understand.

D- Well then, please come this way.

Miki- Huh?

D- I've prepared a fitting pet for you.

Stairs to an upper floor?!?
This store occupies the 2nd floor too?

Then again, now there are stairs down!?

What is going on here!

Miki- W, wait a minute, um...


What!? Those children.

Are they other customers!?

Uh-uh, they aren't. This is...

This store is...

D- Sorry to keep you waiting.
This little one fits your desires perfectly.

Miki- ... Wha... You must be joking!!
This place is a shop that is publicly a petshop but underneath is a brothel.

Miki- And you've got minors like this!

D- That's unthinkable. This little one is a pet.
One that will absolutely obey it's master's command.

Miki- Don't make a fool of me!! I'm not interested in that sort of thing!!

D- ... That goes for you too. What are you imagining?

D- Didn't you tell me? That you wanted a pet that could be both playmate and bodyguard for your

Miki- Th, that's...

I've been getting dizzy for a while.

D- Besides, I assure you if you lived with him, he'll become a balm for your heart.

Miki- Are you asking me to take care of this boy? Don't joke about that.

Miki- Shingo by himself is awful. Another kid on top of that... *gasp*

Miki- ... No... no. That's not what I meant.

Miki- I love kids. But...

D- Don't worry. He's very easy to manage. Rather, he should be a help to you.

D- If he really doesn't agree with you, there is a cooling off period.

(tr. note- cooling off period means a time within which you can return merchandise)

D- Well then, please cherish him forever.


Hey, when did...


Wait a minute, this is human trafficking isn't it?

They probably sell dangerous drugs and stuff too.

I should take him to the police.

Besides, it's cheap for the price of a person.

Ten thousand. (tr. note- roughly $100)

Cheaper than a purebred chihuahua.

In other words, did he foist an abandoned illegal resident child on me!?

Shingo- Welcome home, Mama.

Miki- I'm home, Shingo.

Shingo- Who is this boy?

Miki- Eh, ah... um, this boy is...

Miki- What's your name?

Chimeng- Please call me whatever you wish, master.

Miki- Don't say stupid things! You have your own name, don't you!?
What is your name!?

Chimeng- ......
My name is Chimeng.

Miki- Chimeng, then you're Chi-chan.
This boy is Shingo. Say hello.

Shingo- Hello.

Miki- Geez, I'm kind of tired. Anyway, it's bedtime for today, bedtime.
The police are a bother, I'll do it tomorrow.

*scratch scratch*

Shingo- Yay, you're sleeping over?
Sleep with me!

*rolling over*

Miki- Mmm...

It's been a long time since I've been fast asleep without having a nightmare.

*clatter clatter*
*thunk thunk*

That smell...

Shingo- Mama, Mama!
Look, Chi-chan made this.

Chimeng- Good morning.

Chimeng- I'm sorry to use the kitchen without permission.

Miki- It's delicious.
It's been a long time since I haven't had prepackaged food in the morning.

Shingo- Mine is omlette rice.

Come to think of it, the room is nice and tidy.

Shingo- Hey, hey, later will you read me a book?


Chimeng- Yes. If you eat all your vegetables.

... This is,
Kind of nice.

Even Shingo is happy.

With him around, I don't have have to take him to the child-care.

Maybe things can stay like this a while longer.

Takada- Miki-chan, did something nice happen?

Miki- Huh? Can you tell? A bit.

Takada- Ah, are you free for a bit?

Miki- Come on, Takada-san, don't be so formal.

Takada- Actually, I'm quitting at the end of this month.

Miki- Huh?

Takada- I'm going back home, a small port town in Fujiyama.

Takada- My father hurt his hip and I'm inheriting the family bar.
Well, there's a time for everything, I guess.

Miki- ... Ah... I see.

Takada- ... And so... that is... Miki-chan.

Miki- Yes?

Takada- Won't you please... um... come to Fujiyama with me?

Miki- Huh!?

Is this... a proposal!?

Miki- Oh... but I...

Takada- It's Shingo-chan, isn't it? I know.
I've seen you try your hardest by yourself.
Even though I don't have any children, we're both divorced.

Takada- This is just my opinion, but I don't think it's good for you to stay too long in
Fujiyama doesn't have very many places to have fun, but it's a place where it's great to relax.
And the fish are delicious. It's for Shingo-chan's future.

Takada- I'll definitely make you happy.

Miki- Takada-san...

Tadaka- Oh, sorry, it was sudden and startled you, right?
Please,  um...  take your time and think about your answer.

Takada- Bye.

Shingo- Mama. Hey, Mama, look. Mama!

Miki- Huh?
Oh, sorry, sorry.

Shingo- Look, I drew this.

Miki- Oh my, really? It's great, it's great.

Shingo- Mama, that's upside down.

Takada-san, huh?
He's not handsome, but he's a really great guy.

With Takada-san, that guy (Keiji) probably wouldn't follow me.

*rattle rattle*


Miki- Keiji!!

Keiji- I've finally found you, Miki.

Miki- H... how!?
Get out of here!!

*stomp stomp*

Keiji- Hey, didn't I tell you? It's no use no matter where you run.

Miki- S... stay away.

Keiji- Look.


Miki- !?



Miki- *gasp*

Miki- Kyaaaaaaa!

Keiji- You're kidding yourself, trying to start over with another man.
You'll never run away from me your whole life.

Keiji- Now come home with me.


Miki- Chi-chan!?

Chimeng- ....ster. Master.

Miki- *gasp*

Chimeng- You were having a nightmare.


Miki- A dream?

Chimeng- Yes, master.

Miki- You saved me.
From that nightmare.

It was just as that petshop owner said.
He helped me.

Miki- Thank you.

He granted my desire.

TV- The disposal of 20,000 chickens suspected of having avian influenza has been completed.

Pon-chan- Count, would you like some more tea?

Finned girl- Today's teacakes are sweets from the Isetan take-out.

(tr. note- Isetan is the biggest department store in Shinjuku with an upscale food court on the
basement floor)

Tet-chan- Come to think of it, that recent woman. She didn't return Chimeng-sama.

Winged girl- Really.

Scaled woman- Besides, Count, you're always introducting Chimeng-sama to such ordinary girls.

D- It wasn't my decision.

D- Chimeng-sama stubbornly chose her himself.
He's eating repulsive food as usual.

We're going to try our best in this town a little longer.
With Shingo
And Chimeng
The three of us.

Chimeng- Master.

Miki- Hey, how many times do I have to tell you!?

Miki- I'm not "master", I'm "sis".

Chimeng- ...... Yes... sis.

This time, we'll gain everyone's recognition.
As mother and child.

*bang bang*
*rattle rattle*

Miki- !?


Miki- Keiji!?

Keiji- Miki... Finally... I've finally found you.

Miki- Eek!

Keiji- I'm sorry, it was my fault.
I really made a mistake.

Keiji- I've completely quit drinking. I'm not violent or a disgrace anymore.

What is this!?
It's different than the usual Keiji...!?

Keiji- Hey, Miki, please. Let's start over.
With Shingo, the three of us...

No way!!
You're always just lying like this!

Miki- Don't come near us, leave!!

Keiji- So even saying all that doesn't work.

Keiji- After all, this is all you understand.

Keiji- Miki! Say your prayers!!

Miki- No!! Stop!



Shingo- Ma... ma.

Miki- Noooo!

This is the conclusion of your dream.

Chimeng- Every night, every night, you see the same scene.

Chimeng- Your impulse is to protect yourself using your own child as a shield.

Miki- ... Oh...... ooohhh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Miki- How could I do such a thing. Even I don't know.
No matter how many times I redo it, I end up doing the same thing at the final moment.

Miki- I love my child......
I'm supposed to love Shingo.

Miki- A mother is supposed to risk her life to protect her child.

Chimeng- This is what the reality is.

Chimeng- It's not all heartwarming stories like in dramas and the news.

Chimeng- You're not at fault.

Chimeng- It's normal.

Miki- Ac... tually, I sometimes thought...
If only Shingo weren't... around.

Miki- When no could hear me or when I was really tired.

Miki- If only I hadn't had this child.

Chimeng- It's natural to feel that way.

Miki- Recently, it's happened that suddenly his expressions are overlapped by that guy's

Miki- At times like that, that boy is very frightening...

Miki- When I think he might be that man's son...

Hate that boy so much I want to kill him.

Chimeng- ... Ah, it's a beautiful color.



With this, your dream will end.

Shingo- Mama?

Miki- !!

... That was a dream too just now!?

Shingo- Wah.

Miki- Shingo! Shingo.

Thank god!!

Miki- Shingo!!

Shingo- Ow. Mama!?

*bang bang*

*rattle rattle*

Miki- ... Huh...!?



Sign- Caged Things Shop

D- Oh, Chimeng-sama.
If you're going to be coming back, please say something.

Chimeng- Oh, sorry, Count.

D- Besides, this time you really took your time.


Chimeng- Yeah. I went through all that trouble, so I was waiting for the flavor to ripen a

D- But since the customer's desire was able to be fulfilled,
I'm sure she was satisfied.

TV- Next on the news.

TV- Last night in an apartment in Shinjuku, Maezono Miki-san (age 22) was stabbed to death
with a kitchen knife. Her ex-husband, Tasaki Keiji is suspected as the perpetrator and due
to reports by neighbors who heard screams, he was chased down by officers and is currently in

TV- Furthermore, Miki-san's eldest son, Shingo-chan (age 3) was found cradled tightly in
Miki-san's arms and was rescued, miraculously unhurt.

Chapter 1 / End