NJStar Software Software to let you view and use Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in Windows applications
China the Beautiful Classical Chinese art, calligraphy, poetry, history, literature, painting, and philosophy Chinese characters and culture
Asiapac - 100 Celebrated Chinese Women
Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)
The Internet Chinese Music Archive
Resources for the Study of East Asian Language
and Thought
Has translations of the five Confucian and Taoist classics among other things
Chinese Text Initiative Has the Book of Odes (aka Book of Songs), 300 Tang Poems, and more, in Chinese and English
The Peony Pavilion On-Line The famous Chinese opera
Romance of the Three Kingdoms The classic epic novel
Facade Online I Ching reading, along with tarot and other forms of divination
Jim Breen's Japanese Page Monash Nihongo FTP Archive, EDICT project, and links
Look for JWPce (Japanese Word Processor) in the archive
Kanji Gold A freeware Windows kanji flash card program
KTutor A freeware DOS kanji flash card program
Gahoh Movies that show how to draw nearly 2,000 characters
Dictionary Search Japanese online dictionaries
SPACE ALC Japanese online dictionary, has many colloquial words and phrases
Sanseido Web Dictionary Japanese online dictionaries, my personal favorite for hard to find words
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English
Dictionary Server
Online dictionary, also has kanji lookup by radical
Japanese is POSSIBLE! Japanese lessons
Japanese for Anime Lovers Japanese lessons
Coscom Japanese Language School Japanese lessons
MIT Japanese Language Program:
Web-based Materials
Japanese lessons
Japanese old tales Japanese fairytales in English and various languages
Kwaidan: Japanese Ghost Stories Several stories including a couple about Abe no Seimei, the famous Japanese sorcerer.
Japanese Text Initiative Has a large selection of poetry collections and classical texts but only the Noh plays and 100 Poems by 100 Poets are available in English
PROJECT GUTENBERG INDEX ETEXT editions of public domain books Collection of reference books
The Online Medieval and Classical Library Many works in English translation including Song of Roland and Orlando Furioso
The Medieval Sourcebook A variety of medieval texts
Internet Classics Archive Greek and Roman literature
Perseus Project A variety of Classical literature
Bulfinch's Mythology The text of the book with illustrations and links to paintings and sculptures
MYTHMEDIA - Mythology in Western Art Images relating to mythology
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare The works of Shakespeare
Página de inicio del web de Cervantes Complete works of Cervantes. Webpage and contents in Spanish
Cervantes Project 2001 Works of Cervantes, some of them in English translation.
ILTweb Digital Dante Dante's works in English
CLASSICS 315 The homepage of a course on Classical mythology
Has very informative handouts online
Ancient Egypt: the Mythology Egyptian mythology
Celtic Heart Celtic mythology
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts Mythology from all over the world
The Electronic Literature Foundation
presents The Arabian Nights
The Arabian Nights and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Princeton University Press
University of California Press
Oxford University Press USA
Yale University Press
Harvard University Press
Barnes & Noble
Cheng & Tsui Company
China Books & Periodicals, Inc.
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation Information on CDs of early music
Classical Net
Classical MIDI Connection
Early Music Record Labels
EMI Classics
Virgin Classics
harmonia Mundi
Dorian Recordings
HUGO Production Classical Chinese music, lots of CDs of qin music
The Internet Chinese Music Archive
The Lute Page
The Renaissance Orpheus
A Variety of Lute Lessons
Tablatures for the Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela
Bill's Lute and Early Music Page
Giuseppe Tumiati: the Lutemaker's workshop Offers lute starter sets at a low price
Lutes by Arthur Robb, Lute Maker,
Musical Instrument Maker
Anime Web Turnpike
Amber Anime Archive Download episodes of Weiss Kreuz and MP3s
Kawaii Bunny's Anime MP3 Page New songs every month
The YSTML Archive Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (aka Ronin Warriors)
Gallery of Wonders Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Gundam Wing,
and Rasen no Kakera art gallery
Seiyuu (voice actor) database In English
Hermit-chan's Voice Actors/Actresses database! In Japanese
Seiyuu List In Japanese
Newtype The official Newtype page in English
Hoshino Bookstore In Japanese, see covers (and ISBN#) of the newest manga
Bee-bEe-beE[ComicSerch_Kai] Manga search engine in Japanese
Comic Search Service Manga search engine in Japanese
Himawari Lamp Homepage of Funato Akari,
creator of some Lunar the Silver Star mangas
Trinity Club Homepage of Tsukasa Shimeno, who participated in Angelique Generation
HAL'S Homepage of Motegi Harue, character designer of Arbalia no Otome
[AZline]Azusa-Yuhki-Official-Site Homepage of Yuuki Azusa, character designer of Fantastic Fortune
The Shoujo Manga Home Page In English
BRAIN WAVE Homepage of Fuyunagi Reku, another participant in Angelique Generation
English Publishers
Asiapac Homepage Chinese comics in English
Animerica Extra
Japanese Publishers
Akita Shoten Champion Comics, Princess Comics
Hakusensha Hana to Yume Comics
Kadokawa Shoten Asuka Comics
Kodansha Nakayoshi KC
Shogakukan Flower Comics, Shonen Sunday Comics
Shueisha Jump Comics, Ribon Mascot Comics, Margaret Comics
Amazon Japan
Anime & Comic JAPAN
Book Mart
CD Japan
Anime Ten
HobbyLink Japan Models and a few anime magazines very cheap
China Books & Periodicals, Inc. Sell Asiapac publications
Angelique Mailing List Join the list, it's in English
Angelique Official Website Koei's site, in Japanese Has OVA screenshots, manga scans, a card gallery, and song lyrics
The Angelique Asylum A large archive of Angelique fan works
Angelic Boys' Fantasy Lots of great fan art
Joe's Angelique Lots of great fan art
Love's Lost Refrain Lot's of pretty scans, including the entire Asuka August 2001 chapter Miko & Keeper List- claim your favorite characters
Music Box- MP3s
GiGA: The Girl Gamer's Alliance Sign the petition to bring Angelique Trois to America
The stars of Draco Dedicated to the Dragon People of Angelique
Kamui K's Holy Palace Has scans from the comics, wallpapers, and icons
Angelique~ the Road to be the Queen An abandoned site, but still informative
Cat In a Cream Has a few wallpapers and backgrounds
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Official Website From Ruby Party, the makers of Angelique
East27- Haruka naru Toki no Naka de
Trading Cards Gallery
Just as the name implies
Harukanaru Toki no Nakade A very nice up-and-coming site with a card gallery soon to expand with goods
Other Love/Growth Sims for Girls
Three Headed Dog Contains Midori no Wakusei, a page with info on various games, and skins for The Sims, among other things
GiGA: The Girl Gamer's Alliance The Girl Gamer and Anime Otaku Alliance
Petit Pois Very cute fanart
Sotsugyo M home page Male Graduation, a Playstation game
Arbalia no Otome Arbalia no Otome, a Playstation game
HAL'S Character designer of Arbalia no Otome
Hop Step Idol A Saturn game where you lead male idols to stardom
Fantastic Fortune A great PC game (and now for Playstation too) where you play as one of 3 girls
[AZline]Azusa-Yuhki-Official-Site Fantastic Fortune's character designer
Working Designs Home Page Lunar the Silver Star, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc.
The Blue Star Lunar the Silver Star
The Unofficial Ys Homepage
Ys Eternal: Memory of Esterior
The Cosmic Fantasy Home Page
Ming's Sakura Wars Page
PlayStation Official Homepage
Sega Planet
Koei Angelique, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, etc.
Falcom Ys, Dragonslayer Legend of Heroes, etc.
Hudson Soft Tengai Makyou, Bomberman, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
Square Final Fantasy
Telenet Cosmic Fantasy, Valis
National Console Support
Buy-Rite Video Games