Scrolls at a Glance

a=1 ally, A=all allies, e=1 enemy, E=all enemies
Ziria's Spells
Name Effect Target Cost
Wakakusa Recovers 50 HP. a2
Konabi Fire powder causes about 30 points of damage. e2
Raikou Lightning causes about 20 damage to all enemies. E3
QTsukine Puts one enemy to sleep. e4
Rakka Halves one enemy's defense. e3
ֈKin'in Seals one enemy's magic. e3
_CUnkai Conceals you from enemy, deflects attacks. e4
DDoromushi Halves enemies' speed. E3
vJinrai Lightning causes about 40 damage to all enemies. E7
Kiyomizu Reduces from poison marshes. A4
ΓVKaten Flames cause 70 damage. Powered-up version of Konabi. E6
Nigemizu Certain escape from from enemies. A9
Suzukaze Cures poison. A2
tRakuyou Halves defense of all enemies. E4
Ibuki Recovers about 80 HP. a5
QHoshine Puts all enemies to sleep. E6
W_Awagumo Blinds enemies. Halves probability of getting hit. E5
tShunkou Halves enemy's attack. e4
֎Kinjuu Seals all enemies' magic. E5
_Jin'en Flames cause 120 damage. Most powerful version of Konabi. e12
eKageginu Undoes the effects of enemy magic. A7
VTenrai Average damage of 90. Most powerful version of Raikou. E13
_Kumogiri Steals MP from one enemy. e0
LAriake Recovers 150 HP to all allies. A20
Orochimaru's Spells
Name Effect Target Cost
XHyouryuu A snowstorm causes about 150 damage. e15
JUryuu A snowstorm causes about 100 damage. E16
Touryuu Causes about 60 damage and freezes enemies. E11
Kazahebi Doubles allies' speed. A3
ΎHihebi Doubles allies' attack. A18
ΎIshihebi Doubles allies' defense. A9
tHarukaze Fully recovers 1 ally's HP. a11
ԕHanakabe Enemies' attacks are ineffective. A10
Yukidoke Cancels ally's magic. a2