!!News Flash!!

Art Book
"Yuhki Azusa Apocripha/0 Illustration Collection -Soul Flower-" will be out on June 22 for 2,000 yen, published by Movic. It will be 80 pages, A4 size, and full color.
Take a look at some samples.

Apocripha/0 Vol.2
By Azusa Yuhki
G-Fantasy Comics
Published by Square-Enix
Sale date 5/27/03
590 yen
B6 size

Apocripha/0 Trading Cards
A set of 87 cards will be on sale June 27 from Movic. 10 cards per pack, 7 packs per box, 2,800 yen per box (with tax). There will also be 3 special cards (1 per box). Which you get depends on where you buy the cards (general shops, Messe Sanoh, or Animate).
See here for more information.

Apocripha/0 Vol.1
By Azusa Yuhki
G-Fantasy Comics
Published by Enix
Sale date 5/27/02
590 yen
B6 size

Apocripha/0 Goods
All sorts of goodies on sale now from Movic.
Take a look.

Apocripha/0 Novel
Apocripha/0 Infinite Fortune
By Kakeru Sawano
Illustrated by Azusa Yuhki
Published by Eagle Publishing
256 pages
860 yen