Alexandru Pastenr

Voice- Motoki Takagi
Origin of name- alexandrite
Alex (pronounced "Alec") for short. The First Prince of Hell and Platina's older twin. A kindhearted, naive boy who sometimes acts like a spoiled brat.
Platina Pastenr

Voice- Chihiro Suzuki
Origin of name- platinum
The Second Prince of Hell and Alex's younger twin. A very serious and intelligent young man. Unfortunately, he has very little stamina and requires a great deal of rest.
Sapphirus Hawthorne

Voice- Tomokazu Seki
Origin of name- sapphire
Alex's advisor. He's very indulgent of Alex.
Jade Davis

Voice- Toshiyuki Morikawa
Origin of name- jade
Platina's advisor. A manipulative man who seems to enjoy teasing Platina.
Ruby Jackson

Voice- Ishikawa Hideo
Origin of name- ruby
An angel hunter and chivalrous thief.
Carrol Martell

Voice- Hoshi Souichirou
Origin of name- carrollite
A heretic priest who takes care of half-angel children.
Lhodo Chrosite

Voice- Kuwashima Houko
Origin of name- rhodochrosite
A bounty hunter and con-artist. She seeks the one who cursed her in order to turn back to normal.

Voice- Minami Omi
Origin of name- plum
He is the last of an ancient race called the Aprasas. They have a different magic than demons and are very long-lived.

Voice- Yamaguchi Kappei
Origin of name- beryl
People call him the immortal "Blue Sage", but who is this mysterious boy really? He certainly seems to know a lot about the two princes.
Zil Hiragi

Voice- Sugawara Masashi
Origin of name- zircon
Ex-assassin turned artist. He lives as a hermit on a mountain.

Voice- Morikubo Shoutarou
Origin of name- celestine